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The history of IPA Houses began with a tent. In 1959 there was a camping site at Unnenberg near Wuppertal, where IPA members from the whole of Europe used to gather. The popularity of this camping site increased year by year and when it closed in 1968 it was recording an annual turnover of 1,100 overnight stays.

But as one knows camping is a pastime for young persons and this was recognised by the IPA, who were looking round for alternatives. It took only two years before the UHU House near Wuppertal was able to play a role.

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The idea behind IPA Houses originated in Germany and followed on from the founding of IBZ Castle Gimborn in 1969. Today there are IPA Houses across the globe, from Australia to South Africa, Israel to Great Britain - the concept is still developing with more Houses being opened each year.

The properties have either been leased or purchased. Many are situated in beautiful countryside with local facilities for fishing, boating, hiking, golf or just relaxing. Some properties are small, others are large houses split into flats with communal rooms or clubs.

You will find the IPA Houses on the website of the IPA IAC.




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